About Us

The goal of this site is to provide anybody and everybody, and especially parents with children, the ability to thoroughly review the content in a movie to determine whether or not it’s acceptable to watch. Because we know that what moviegoers consider objectionable can vary greatly, we decided, within reason, to attempt to find any and every possible point of objection within a given movie. We strive to be as stringent as possible in our scrutiny of what Hollywood puts on your plate to consume.  Just like people who want to strive to eat healthy food, we at What’s in the Movie (WITM) want to help you strive to eat what is healthy for your soul.  Also, we think you will be pleasantly surprised, like we were, that as you comb through all the details in our overviews, that your standards of acceptability will naturally become higher as you think through the appropriateness of each item.

As far as we know, we are currently one of the few sites, if not the only one, that provides content advisories that also include the time marker references to help a viewer determine exactly where the potential inappropriate scenes are located. This information is particularly useful for the moviegoers in the habit of skipping the theater and waiting for movies to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Once you have our information downloaded and in front of you, possibly highlighting the areas of particular concern for you, you can then either manually skip the spots you choose by using your remote control, or you can use this downloaded information to help you speedily set up your movie filtering software book-markers.

A couple of caveats:

Spoiler Alert Notice:

We do try hard to minimize spoilers as much as it is feasible, but sometimes can not avoid them with our deeper examination of the content. We do however always strive to give adequate warning to help you avoid reading ones that are clearly a spoiler that is pivotal in nature.

Wikipedia defines “spoiler” as information “that reveals any plot elements which threaten to give away important details concerning the turn of events of a dramatic episode”. The key word in this definition is “important”, which is the subjective evaluation that we use to mark in red any “Spoiler” or “Semi-spoiler” for a pivotal scene you may not want to know about. Of course we may not be a good fit for you if you define “spoiler” more loosely to mean any information that reveals any part of the story or action that a viewer may want to be a complete surprise. Some of our overviews are full of spoilers if the term is defined in that way.

Media Format:

The majority of the overviews are done for the DVD format, and some of them are for Blu-Ray, and some are done using internet streaming (Netflix or Hulu). Be sure you check the “Movie Information” section for each movie to see which “MOVIE MEDIA” the product is done for. Many times, the information will be the same or roughly the same, but sometimes the time markers may vary by a few seconds. If you have a movie that you want to watch in Blu-Ray, and we previewed it for DVD, or vice versa, then:  1. if you’d like, please let us know your preferred format so that we can possibly add it to our selection in the future, and 2. the time markers are all spaced the same irregardless of the format, so to use the time markers we give for a different format, it’s simply a matter of recalculation/recalibration – meaning you will typically need to add or subtract somewhere between 3 to 5 seconds to match the format you want it in.

Come on and give us a try!